Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The weirdest museums!

Did  you know that the 18th of May is the International Museum Day? When was the last time you had visited one? Very often associated with boredom and non stop repeated
interdiction "don't touch" traditional museums don’t attract masses of tourists.

However, this situation seems to be drastically changing. First of all modern museums started offering hands on experience. For exemple, in the museum of Warsaw Uprising you can crawl in the imitation of narrow sewer whereas Poznań Croissant Museum and Experience offers visitors a workshop about preparation of that gorgeous sweet. Be prepared for getting dirty with flower!

Another reason why museums attract much more people nowadays is the originality of their expositions! Today you can find a museum collection of almost anything! The biggest number of non conventional museums belongs to Japan;) Have you ever heard about the museum of algaes? The lovers of sushi may be interested. Another surprising example is the museum of  instant noodles! You must agree that this invention saved many students' lifes ;)

To continue the presentation of weirdest museums the New Delhi's National Museum of Toilet must be mentioned. The collected items tell 4,500 years long story of a simple but how indispensable invention. If you feel like untalented artist, just to grow your confidence about your artistic abilities you should visit The Museum of Bad Art in the United States. In the same country you can also see the International Cryptozoology Museum that collects the proof of Yeti’s or Big Foot’s existence. Another idea of the special museum was invented in Croatia. The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb may help you to overcome your emotional collapse after the painful end of a romantic story. If you suffer from such situation, don’t forget to donate to it’s exhibition some artefacts reminding of your ex ;D

Sunday, 8 May 2016


Today I am going to change a little the topic but I will still stay closely related to happiness ;) I decided to write about what I have read on BBC news cause I found it truely astonishing! Few days ago I came across an article about...a hotel in Colorado that offers full time access and permission for buing and consuming marihuana-it seems to be a true Eldorado for supporters of drug legislation.

The use, sale, possession under the general federal law of US is prohibited and grass is still officially classified as a drug as fearsome as heroine. However everyone knows that states can introduce their own particular laws that may be forbidden in others parts of the country. That was the case of 4 states which fiercely defended its own legal rights. In Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington possession of drag is legal for both medical and non-medical use.

Colorado was the first state to legalize marihuana but just for a recreational use. Since the legalization's date in May 2014 the cannabis industry in Colorado has been growing increasingly fast. In the weed stores you can find dozens of different kind of sweets (chocolates, cookies, lollipops) made for people who don’t like smoking and who are looking for some substitute of a joint !  Bed and Breakfast hotel (right now called Bud and Breakfast) is the new idea proving the impending developpement of weed business. This particular hotel that allows cannabis smokers to enjoy themselves and their joints became very popular from the get go! It’s important to notice that due to federal law smoking in hotels is still forbidden ! However this particular place is a private possession, that’s why it can impose its own rules. Cannabis smokers from all over the country fly here boosting the business ...and avoiding breaking the law in their own states. No matter how many kilometers there is to fly...the sweet sticky smell in the air once you enter the hotel’s bar will compensate them everything... ;)States once again shock, appal and bewilder!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

 Why does being generous make you feel happy ?

There isn’t any simple, universal recepie that for sure will make you happy. Happiness is an individual issue that everyone has to discover on his own. Nevertheless many researches conducted by socologists all over the world found out many intresting facts about what kind of humain behaviour allows to achieve long-term happiness. Today I will present you one of them !

It’s scientifically proven that people who share their happiness with others by being generious are much happier than those who are greedy. The trouble sleeping, anxiety, hopelessness and depression rates are much lower among people who donate to charity more than 10 percent of their incomes.

It’s important to highlight as well, that being generous does not refer only to money ! You may be generous in your relation, towards family meaning that you give them your  time and attention or just by doing volunteer work. Being very giving in relationships refers as well to emotional availability and hospitality. People who have such capacity are described as more happy and in excellent health !  Volunteer work helps to focus on the present,  is a perfect occcasion to forget about the worries and distract the mind from the stresses.

Nevertheless, being generous can not be limited to single action ! It has to be sustained over time like a kind of practice. Only then it will bring postitive effects on people moods and health !

The last intresting fact abou the generosiy is that it’s level has nothing to do with the fact how reach people are. It is proven that people from poor countries in Africa, South-East Asia or South America are far more generous and in consequence more happy ! That is also the proof that possesing goods has nothing to do with obteining true happpiness as I wrote in my previous post.  A magic way to longevity seems to be discovered! Only one thing you should do is to engage in simple acts of kindness !

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Secrets to happiness– Frédéric Lenoir

Today I am going to present you the pearls of wisdom of my beloved philosophe, sociologist and writer – Frédéric Lenoir: He is a great specialist who treats the question of happiness.  I am sure that each and every one of us at least one in a life time has thought about the way to make the life more happy. The book “Du bonheur, un voyage philosophique » can give you many answers to questions that you ask yourself every time while feeling disatisfied, disappointed or simply upset!

To french language speakers I recommend as well listening to Frédéric's lectuers and interviews that are availables on You Tube. Basing on many philosophic theories as well as eternal verities of ancients religions like Buddhism, you may discover how to find and keep the joy !

Recently I saw few interviews so I will present you some of Lenoir’s thoughts that I try to always keep in mind and apply in my life ;)

First off all let’s learn how to distinguish the happines from the pleasure. First term refers to a long term state of harmony. On the contrary the plesure is just a passing moment that may sometimes have a bad impact on people's mood (imagine that to cheer you up you open a box of chocolates, the pleasure after eating some sweet disappear very fast but the feeling of being guilty cause of calories remains untill you burn them!;) Another important trait of happy people is the flexibility ! People should do their best to adapt to new situations and to accept the things over which they have no control. Life is made of many unexpected changes and turnovers, staying rigid  and refusing all new suprises of the life can lead directly to unhappines. Next very importnat tip concerns comparaison ! I will refere to words of Bill Gates who once said « dont compare yourself to anyone, if you do so you are insulting yourself ». There will always be someone who has better paied job, who is smarter or more beautifful but all those issues should be out of your concern ! Try to appreciate what you have and dont look in evious way at other people’s lifes ! Last but not least, never forget that possesing doesnt give long term happines at all ! You can’t buy happiness ! It comes from your self-realization!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

You can’t blame gravity for falling in love

The witty quote of Albert Einstein seems to perfectly fit in my today post because I will be writing about the incredible strength of love! This invincible feeling can appear in your life in the least expected moment and what is more astonishing, you won’t be able to explain it with any of existing rights of nature.

Some time ago I saw on BBC news an incredible story of an Indian men who cycled all way to Europe to find his beloved one! Here you are a short summary of his unbelievable venture.

Mr Mahanandia in 1974 was a New-Delhi street artist who was making life thanks to a talent of drawing people portraits. He was famous for very fast drawing, and his well-known reputation spread all over the region. He even created the portrait of Indian former president BD Jatti. One day in 1975 the life of young artist turned upside down. His small atelier was visited by Charlotte Von Schedvin, a Sweden girl that came for holidays to India driving with friends the famous hippie trial- crossing Europe, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan - to reach India in 22 days. The couple fell in love from the first sight! After spending few days on visiting India together Mr Mahanandia decided to introduce Charlotte to his parents and then after getting the blessing from his family they got married according to tribal tradition. When Charlotte had to come back to Europe Mr Mahanandia promised her to follow her to her home in Sweden. One year passed and he couldn’t earn enough for a flight ticket. Desperate to see his lady he sold out his business bought a bike and decided to cycle to Europe following the path she took to come to India. He set off his journey in January 1977. He cycled 44 miles per day. The world seemed to be very different those days, he didn’t need a visa to enter the majority of crossed countries. To make money, get food or shelter he was drawing, so that art came to his rescue. He finally reached Europe on 28th of May. The last step of his journey was a train to Gothenburg. He met Charlotte after almost 2 years of living apart. The couple took immediately an official marriage. Today they live together in Sweden with their two kids. Mr Mahanandia who still works as an artist claims that he loves Charlotte as much as he did in 1975;)

The End:D

Creative designs

Kiribati, Kenya and Uruguay.... today I will present you the national flags of those three countries because I found them truly charming and outstanding from the 200 hundreds left ones;)

Kiribati (for those of you  who are unfamiliar with this country it is an island nation located in the Central Pacific Ocean:). Its flag represents the symbol of the freedom - a yellow bird flying on the red sky over the setting yellow sun with 17 rays that symbolize the number of islands that belong to the country. The bottom part is created by 6 blue and white stripes presented alternately. They stand for the Ocean and the Three main island groups.

Kenya – first look at Kenya’s flag reveals the location of the country-Africa! Black, red and green horizontal stripes demarcated by thin white ones are the symbols of the Kenya’s native citizens, their blood that was sherd during the fights for independence and the natural landscape and resources. The white fimbriation gives an honor to peace and honesty. The central part of the flag is occupied by the Masai shield and white spears that are symbols of the defense of all values mentioned above.

Uruguay – I am truly bewitched by this flag cause unlikely to other national flags it uses the color of bright blueness. Its field is covered by nine equal horizontal stripes alternating white and sky blue-the symbol of nine departments. The sun in the upper right side corner paints  a human face which is a representation of the Sun of May-the figure of the new born nation.

And you, do you have your favorite one?

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Fun with flags;)

In few episodes of Big Bank Theory my best character Sheldon Cooper is making a video of his own online show called “Fun with flags” in which he describes the origin of all kinds of flags.
Watching this episode inspired me to consecrate my two next posts to flag topic. We all are familiar with the designs of flags of the most meaningful countries in the world, but very often our knowledge is limited only to colors and shapes without any details about true meaning of the flags. Let’s just have a closer look into a meaning of few well known flags that I found puzzling or just simply beautiful.

Mexico-this flag contains three vertical stripes in green, white and red color (hope, unity and the blood of heros). The eagle standing on the cactus and eating a snake - the Mexican coat of arms is presented on the middle, white stripe.  This image refers to an Aztec legend in which the wandering tribes of people were looking for a place to settle down. Following their God signs they decided to set up a city (later Mexico City) where they had noticed an eagle perched on a cactus , eating a snake. The whole picture is decorated with a laurel branch, the symbol of victory.

India-this flag is known to have really powerful meaning that is hidden in simple symbols. Three horizontal stripes (deep saffron, white and green) with an eternal navy blue wheel of the law in the centre. To describe the signification of all those symbols please read the following words of Indian philosopher and politician Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan:

Bhagwa or the saffron colour denotes renunciation or disinterestedness. Our leaders must be indifferent to material gains and dedicate themselves to their work. The white in the centre is light, the path of truth to guide our conduct. The green shows our relation to (the) soil, our relation to the plant life here, on which all other life depends. The "Ashoka Chakra" in the centre of the white is the wheel of the law of dharma. Truth or satya, dharma or virtue ought to be the controlling principle of those who work under this flag. Again, the wheel denotes motion. There is death in stagnation. There is life in movement. India should no more resist change, it must move and go forward. The wheel represents the dynamism of a peaceful change.[7]

Japan-I took this flag cause it is very simple, original and hides great symbolism that many people are not aware of. The red spot on the white background is nothing else than rising sun! The land of the rising sun located on the eastern part of our globe is privileged to see the sunrise first! Simple and smart! Isn’t it?